Aries Weekly Horoscope Monday September 14th – Sunday September 20th

    Monday September 14th – Sunday September 20th

    he mere thought of reining yourself in makes you want to bolt from the gate, but easy does it, Aries! The next two-plus years are going to help you cultivate the fine (and in your case, lost) art of restraint. On the downside, you won’t be able to race your engines, but a HUGE plus is that you will continue to grow steadily (and mightily) the entire time.

    You can thank, or blame, structured Saturn, which returns to Sagittarius and your ninth house of global expansion this Thursday, September 17. Saturn briefly visited this sector of your chart from December 23, 2014 to June 14, 2015 before retrograding back into Scorpio for a final hurrah. Plans that got started and then sidelined in the first part of the year are likely to pick up again. Saturn in Sagittarius helps you extend your reach in both predictable AND unexpected ways, whether you’re traveling, relocating, enhancing your skills—or learning entirely new ones. Entrepreneurial Rams are encouraged to develop business plans and have exploratory chats with worthy partners. We don’t recommend you quit your day job just yet, though. Better to ramp up the new gig at a sustainable pace and slowly transition into a full-time role as the CEO of Aries, Inc. Since the ninth house also governs publishing, one element of your success could involve a book, blog or possibly instructional videos. And with the cosmic taskmaster in a harmonious trine to your Sun sign, you’ll have the support you need to sustain this new, slower pace. The most challenging part may be staying focused instead of schussing off in too many directions at once. If you realize that the missing puzzle piece to fulfilling your dreams is a certain skill set, sign up for a degree or certification program, perhaps even via an online school such as the Khan Academy or General Assembly.

    Some Rams might actually take a day job for the experience, launching back out on your own at the end of 2017. Closer to home, Saturn has finally exited your seventh and eighth houses of partnership, so you can look forward to some major relief in that department! Finding “The One”—or enjoying the partner you have—will be far easier after Thursday. The lessons of the past five years crystallize, and you can happily apply them for a more fulfilling love life.


    Thursday’s a red-letter day, as Mercury begins its back-spin through Libra until October 9. Since Libra rules your partnership zone, you’ll feel the signal-jamming energy of retrograde Mercury affecting your closest relationships. Communication breakdowns and misunderstandings are almost unavoidable. But you can minimize the negative effects by backing everything up with a paper trail and getting people to restate instructions and details to ensure they’ve been effectively conveyed. Alas, you can’t avoid dealing with those seemingly unresolvable conflicts now—the ones that keep bubbling up between you and your boo.

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